"Your prices are so reasonable, yet the materials are so rich."

"Your materials have been the best thing that has happened to our children for their spiritual teaching."

"In our church we are studying the lessons you've prepared and I found it such a blessing for my whole family.... I can tell you that I have never seen my daughters so interested in studying the Bible. Thank you very much."

"We really enjoy these lessons. I love teaching them. As a veteran teacher of probably 45 years, I really enjoy the depth you give and the amount of knowledge you provide. Gives me a lot to work with."

Youth Lessons: "The youth love it and I have a class beginning with 2, now expanded to a regular 9, each of which have made such a change in their attitude that I can only put it to much prayer and an excellent resource. Sincerely thank you and God bless."

"The keys to navigate this life and eternal life are literally in the palms of my hands in those lessons. They really help to unlock scripture for children."

"My Sabbath school is getting bigger and bigger thanks to My Bible First."

"The My Bible First! curriculum has been a blessing to both my family and church over the years. We started with the Primary class and it took off from there. At the time, I was homeschooling and was looking for a challenging Bible curriculum. When my child matriculated to the Junior Class we used My Bible Says for both Bible and History. The resources are amazing. (In fact the My Bible Timeline remains on our living room wall!) The UPSTREAM lesson has enriched my spiritual life."

A teacher in the Beginners class recently reported that a young father, who was not a Christian, brought his daughter to her class. As he read the Bible lessons to her every week, he became acquainted with Jesus and gave his heart to the Lord. He is now a baptized member of the church.

"We've been so happy with your series."

"I feel these lessons are an amazing gift to our Adventist churches."

"Thank you so much for your good quality products. My daughter has used your Sabbath School materials since she was a baby and as a result she is well grounded in many of the truths of God's word."

"These are the most beautiful lessons I have ever seen."

"I am a teacher for the Kindergarten/Primary Division. I am a retired SDA elementary school teacher. I LOVE these lessons!! I am super organized, and the teaching lessons are so well organized and easy to teach! I also like the Illustrated songs."

"Thank you again for your materials which are indeed training in righteousness for our children."

"We are so thoroughly pleased with your program."

"Our school teacher is soooo blessed with the materials we get every quarter from My Bible First. She loves the nature books and reads them daily as part of worship. She does the Primary Sabbath School lesson with the lower grades students on the days the pastor has a Bible marking class with the upper grades students. All the students learn the memory verse for the week using the MV booklets and write it on their border sheets. We are so glad for all the materials you provide for both SS and school. Thank you."

"Refreshingly true to the Bible."

"These kids are just soaking it up. The kids that will not do anything else just love it.

"My Bible First was the key to saving my children."

"The most amazing material"

"Thank you for the amazing Sabbath School lessons you have worked on for the Juniors/Teens. My boys and I LOVE them! They have been asking to read the Great Controversy for a while but thought the language might be too hard for them. I was thrilled to see that your lessons covered the Great Controversy and they were, too! The boys (ages 10 and 13) are homeschooled and this is how we begin our day. It's been an enormous blessing and I can't thank you enough!"

"I just want to thank you so much for the beautifully presented, Biblically-sound Bible lessons.... I just praise God that this resource exists, so she [my daughter] can get to know not only her best Friend, Jesus, but also learn about those who have witnessed for their Saviour, often at the expense of their lives! These lessons are truly inspired of the Holy Spirit! There is nothing else out there like them."

A caller reported working with a 7-year-old "heathen" girl who loves the Kindergarten lesson. She did not know the story of the cross. She says the prayer in the lesson every day.

"I totally fell in love with your materials and have never used anything else since I started with these lessons.... I love that you have a little box which tells the teacher where to find the story in the Bible, the Spirit of Prophecy, and the 10-volume set." —A teacher

"Our Sabbath school has been greatly blessed with the use of the My Bible First Sabbath school lessons this current quarter. Children who previously hadn't studied their lessons have started to study them, and the size of our Sabbath school has grown." —A teacher

"[The lessons are] simplistic enough and thorough enough for my eight-year-old and ... still hold the interest of my five and three year old as well." —A mother

"Because of the deep theological content you pack into every lesson, in such a simple, understandable way, our daughter probably knows more about the sanctuary as well as about the entire Pentateuch than most Adventist kids twice her age—and perhaps more than many adults."

"I especially appreciate the way you make every lesson somehow point to Jesus."

"I especially appreciate the 'Think' questions at the end of each lesson, which helps to spark some excellent conversations in our worships."

"Your lessons demonstrate real depth and reinforce values that we want so much for our girl to embrace for herself."

"I can't begin to tell you how relieved I am to find your Bible series. Many people are looking for solid, realistic, and sound approaches to teaching young children. This follows the Bible principle of 'line upon line.' Just how their young minds work—a very delightful process."

"Thank you so much. My son ... reads well enough now that I find him every morning with his lessons and his Bible feasting on the words of life."

"Two families represented in our small juniors class are new to our faith. Both families are using the juniors lessons for their family worship time. The parents are learning alongside their children."

"Our teachers have noted increased interest and participation in Sabbath school in the primary and junior divisions. The kids love the lessons!"

"Thank you for writing and making available My Bible First lessons. I learned from them many Bible stories which I never knew before. Every day I put God and my Bible first, and this has changed me for better.... I also like the beautiful realistic pictures." —A 9-year-old girl.

"We have been more than pleased with the simple spiritual nature of your publication, without the worldly sentiments, gimmicks, and cartoon-ey art." —an evangelist / Bible worker

"With the My Bible First theme, we are now having a consistency that we didn't have before.... There is less confusion, and some of our discipline issues are being resolved." —Cradle Roll Sabbath school teacher

"With the Bible lessons, the children are learning the plan of salvation, the great controversy, and the doctrines of our church ... and it is exciting to see them have this even at a very young age." —Cradle Roll Sabbath school teacher

"I am thinking of going through the [Junior] lessons with my husband. He wanted some systematic approach to Bible study." —wife of a non-SDA

One person excitedly shared that she is having "Bible studies like you wouldn't believe." She is using the Junior lessons to give Bible studies to several people in their 40s and 50s in several different states, and says that these lessons are "fantastic" for helping them learn about the Bible.

"Thank you so much for providing some of the best Seventh-day Adventist Christian resources I have ever seen.... I teach a SDA school in Australia.... I have 20 non-SDA students in my class and at least 14 non-Christian students and feel deeply impressed of the need to take them through a comprehensive study of the Bible ASAP when it could be their only opportunity." —A schoolteacher

"I would like to say how prepared they make me feel as a teacher."

"I teach cradle roll/kindergarten.... I just started reading the EGW material at the back [of the CR theme]. What a blessing! My heart is touched and my sense of mission for the small group of parents and children who attend as well as the two ladies who work with me has been renewed."

"We are so thankful that someone has kept up the standard by using real illustrations and photos, NOT cartoons!"

"Thank you. They have been a great blessing for our kids and also for our church. We are very happy with the lessons. They are deep and appeal for changes for the better."

"I have seen an incredible increase in knowledge and interest in my Sabbath school class."

Youth Lessons: "They are so good." "Inspired." "Lessons for the hour." "Written by the Holy Spirit." "I am learning so much." —an adult

"We have utilized the two VBS kits (The Creator Is My Friend and Plug Into Power) at church and parents and children and volunteers were blessed tremendously!! The materials are well organized and Bible based and nature based- just as God instructed us to train our young people."

VBS: "That was the best VBS program I ever saw." "We thought it was such a wonderful program." "The most organized VBS he had ever seen."

Visualized songs: "Our baby gets totally thrilled when the songs come out. He waves his arms up and down." "Fantastic! My kids love them."

Visualized songs: "I used three of the song books this past Sabbath and I have to tell you that the kids really liked them. It has been hard to get them to sing, but they sang with the books."

Artwork: "Absolutely outstanding. They need something enobling to look at."

"I ordered your Juniors pamphlets this past winter to work through as part of our homeschool program. My kids were reading today's lesson and in the middle, my 11 year old son looked at his 9 year old sister and quite simply stated 'I enjoy this Bible curriculum.' I know it doesn't sound like much, but it warms my heart. I want them to love learning about God. Thank you for making a program that is interesting and challenging. They have been in SDA Sabbath School programs their entire lives and they are still learning because these lessons are not simplified below their abilities. I'm glad to have a program that gives them credit for being intellectual beings instead of just children. Just thought you'd like to know that your work is very much appreciated!" —A homeschool mother

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