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More Languages

If you are interested in translating My Bible First into your language, contact us for more information.

Korean: A Korean translation of the Beginner, Kindergarten, Primary, and Junior Bible lessons is in progress.

Karen, Thai, and Burmese: The Primary and Junior lessons are being translated into Karen, Thai, and Burmese! You can help to sponsor the translating and printing costs here.

Nepali: Would you like to help with the cost of printing the Primary Bible lessons in Nepali, and providing training for Sabbath school leaders in Nepal? Give here.

French: The Kindergarten Bible lessons are being translated into French for the country of Chad and the Central African Union Mission. You can give here.

Khmer and Vietnamese: Help ASAP ministries print the Beginners and Primary Bible lessons for Cambodian and Vietnamese children! The cost is just $1.00 per quarterly booklet. Find out more here.

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