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Visualized Song: Doing My Best

Visualized Song: Doing My Best

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  • Verse 1
    I am just a tiny cricket,
    Chirping in a shady thicket,
    There I take my rest.
    Many songs are clearer, prouder,
    Many voices sweeter, louder,
    But I do my best.
  • Refrain
    Doing my best, doing my best,
    Jesus always helps me do my best;
    In the path of doing duty
    There is so much joy and beauty;
    So I do my best!
  • Verse 2
    I am just a little flower,
    Blooming during sun or shower,
    Quietly I'm dressed.
    Many flowers grow much taller,
    Many bloom in colors brighter,
    But I do my best.
  • Verse 3
    I am just a salmon silver,
    Swimming up a rushing river,
    It's so cold and wet.
    Oh, these rapids are such trouble,
    But my efforts I'll redouble,
    I won't give up yet.
  • Verse 4
    I am just a little turtle,
    Dwelling in a forest fertile,
    Creeping as I go.
    I must never stop to grumble,
    Though my life is very humble,
    And I'm very slow.
  • Verse 5
    I am just a small brown acorn,
    Buried in the dirt, forlorn,
    Where no one can see.
    I won't mourn that I am hidden,
    I will grow as God has bidden,
    I will be a tree.
  • Verse 6
    I am just a little earthworm,
    Out of sight I'm quick to squirm,
    Hiding from the light.
    I will never cease my toil,
    Making better dirt and soil,
    Using all my might.
  • Verse 7
    I am just a playful kitty,
    And my coat is very pretty,
    Made of softest fur.
    Other animals are stronger,
    And there's some that live much longer,
    But they cannot purr.
  • Verse 8
    I am just a beetle bashful,
    But I can do something helpful,
    While I'm passing by.
    Other lights are bigger, brighter,
    But are any really nicer
    Than a firefly?
  • Verse 9
    I am just a little fellow,
    Basking in a sunny meadow,
    Lizard is my name.
    Eating bugs is all my labor,
    That's how I can help my neighbor,
    Every day the same.
  • Verse 10
    I am just a toad in springtime,
    Hiding in the muck and slime,
    That's my place to rest.
    Life for me is not so thrilling,
    But I will not stop my trilling,
    Till I've done my best.
  • Verse 11
    I am just a simple lichen,
    But I teach a helpful lesson,
    Though I cannot talk.
    Raging storms may fell an oak tree,
    But they cannot ever hurt me,
    Clinging to the rock.

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