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Visualized Song: Beautiful Flowers

Visualized Song: Beautiful Flowers

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  • Verse 1
    We should be like gardens,
    Bright and sweet with flowers,
    Blessed with heaven's sunshine,
    Cheered by gentle showers;
    Violets are the kind words,
    Roses, deeds of love,
    Fragrant pinks and pansies,
    Thoughts of God above.
  • Refrain
    Beautiful flowers, beautiful flowers,
    Bright with morning dew;
    Beautiful flowers, beautiful flowers,
    We would be like you.
  • Verse 2
    Not a frown of anger,
    Not a shade of care,
    Not one look of sadness,
    Do the blossoms wear;
    They are always trusting,
    This is how they grow
    Beautiful and fragrant
    In a world of woe.
  • Verse 3
    Selfish thoughts and wishes,
    Unkind words and deeds,
    Are like cruel brambles,
    Thistles, thorns, and weeds;
    Kind thoughts are the sweetest,
    Loving words the best,
    Yielding hope and comfort,
    Joy, and peace, and rest.
  • Verse 4
    Jesus has a garden,
    Filled with children sweet;
    We would be among them,
    Bowing at His feet,
    Drinking in life's waters,
    Growing by His grace,
    Like the flowers looking
    Up into His face.

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