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Visualized Song: In the Trees

Visualized Song: In the Trees

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  • Verse 1
    In the trees the birds are singing,
    In the mountains and the glens,
    By the rivers and the brooks and by the sea;
    But there's food for all the robins
    And the tiny little wrens,
    And there's bread in His hand for me.
  • Verse 2
    All the meadows bloom with daisies,
    And with dandelions bold,
    And the clover blossoms cover all the lea;
    But there's raiment for the lilies
    And the buttercups of gold,
    And there's clothing in His hand for me.
  • Verse 3
    When the clouds of trouble gather
    And the stormy wind is heard,
    And the angry tempest rages, wild and free;
    Then there's shelter for the sparrow
    And the little hummingbird,
    And there's safety in His hand for me.
  • Verse 4
    Oh, the world is full of children,
    Oh, so many and so fair,
    Like the sunbeams as they sparkle on the sea;
    But there's room for all the children
    In the Father's tender care,
    And there's room in His heart for me.

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