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VBS—On Guard!

VBS—On Guard!

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  • The idea for "On Guard!" came from John Bunyan's book Holy War. This program likens the mind to a strong castle that Jesus wants to live in and guard. Satan is trying to enter this castle through the eye, ear, mouth, nose, touch, and thought gates. This VBS makes conversion very practical, showing that day by day we must ask Jesus to guard our gates so that Satan cannot enter into our minds.
What's included in the package?
  • The Leader's Planning Guide which Includes program overview and planning guide for the VBS leader
  • Memory verses put to music
  • Fully scripted theme talks for the opening session each day with accompanying pictures in PowerPoint format
  • Fully scripted Bible stories with accompanying pictures in PowerPoint format
  • Fully scripted health talks including full scripts to illustrate the 8 doctors, Bible skits, demonstrations, and suggested notebook/application
  • Suggested menu ideas and table host questions for children to discuss while eating
  • Outline of games and activities to do each day
  • Full instructions and scripts for the daily crafts (and suggestions for age adjusting it)
To be completed by May 1:
  • Advertising that can be printed or used on Facebook
    • 5.5" X 8.5" (Cut in half, fill out, and copy for a bulletin insert)
    • 8.5" by 11" (Fill out, and post)
    • 11" by 17" (Two posters to fill out and post)
  • MP3 downloads of children singing theme song, hymns, and other suggested songs

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