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Light Unshackled DVD (bulk) (set of 20)

Light Unshackled DVD (bulk) (set of 20)

Price: $20.00

  • Quantity of 20.
  • Highly-discounted bulk price, only $1 per DVD.
  • DVDs packaged in individual paper sleeves.
  • Great for handing out
    • door-to-door.
    • at evangelistic meetings.
    • at fairs.
    • at youth groups.
    • with the book, The Great Controversy.
  • We suggest putting your contact information on the paper sleeve.

  • An on-location documentary on the Protestant Reformation.
  • Watch the official trailer below.
  • Wonderful companion film to The Great Controversy.
    • Episode 1 - Descent Into Darkness
    • Episode 2 - Lighting a Flame
    • Episode 3 - Fanning the Blaze
    • Episode 4 - Passing the Torch
  • The Light Unshackled DVD provides a rich summary of the Protestant Reformation and guides us through the pages of history to our day.
  • One cannot watch and remain indifferent, as the devotion of godly men and women of old warms our hearts and compels us to carry the fire of the Reformation forward.
  • Filmed in 11 countries, Light Unshackled is a feature-length, on-location documentary containing amazing footage and powerful and inspiring stories of the heroes of the Reformation who shaped the course of our history forever.
  • NTSC format
  • Program length: About 120 minutes
  • Also available individually.

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