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Visualized Song: The Lord's Commands

Visualized Song: The Lord's Commands

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  • Listen to the music: MIDI
  • Verse 1
    What shall I do with the Lord's commands?
    What shall I do with each precious word?
    How shall I keep them all safe within,
    Wonderful things which my ears have heard?
  • Refrain
    Hide them within my heart,
    Let me remember each precious word;
    Treasure them deep in the inward part,
    Carefully learning God's holy Word.
  • Verse 2
    How shall I show to the world around
    That I remember and understand
    All that the Master has given me,
    Precept and promise, and each command?
  • Verse 3
    When I remember the royal words,
    Lessons and promises, sweet and dear,
    Let me be ready, with willing hands,
    Daily to serve Him with holy fear.
  • Verse 4
    If I will carefully learn God's words,
    Then when I'm tempted to disobey,
    I will remember His promises,
    And choose to walk in the narrow way.

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