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Visualized Song: Tell It Again

Visualized Song: Tell It Again

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  • Verse 1
    Into the tent where a gypsy boy lay,
    Dying alone at the close of the day,
    News of salvation we carried; said he:
    "Nobody ever has told it to me!"
  • Refrain
    Tell it again! Tell it again!
    Salvation's story repeat o'er and o'er.
    Till none can say of the children of men,
    "Nobody ever has told me before."
  • Verse 2
    "Did He so love me, a poor little boy?
    Send unto me the good tidings of joy?
    Need I not perish? My hand will He hold?
    Nobody ever the story has told!"
  • Verse 3
    Bending we caught the last words of his breath,
    Just as he entered the valley of death:
    "God sent His Son! 'Whosoever,' said He:
    Then I am sure that He sent Him for me!"
  • Verse 4
    Smiling he said, as his last sigh he spent,
    "I am so glad that for me He was sent!"
    Whispered, while low sunk the sun in the west,
    "Lord, I believe, tell it now to the rest!"

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