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Visualized Song: Our Father's Care

Visualized Song: Our Father's Care

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  • Verse 1
    Once, on a mountainside green and fair,
    Flowers were blooming, birds were singing;
    Jesus our Savior was teaching there,
    Telling the dear Father's care.
    "Look at the flowers," He gently said,
    "See the pure blossoms of white and red,
    Look at the birds flying overhead,
    Trusting our Father's care."
  • Verse 2
    Little brown bird on the cherry tree,
    Sweetly singing, gladly singing,
    Bring your sweet message again to me,
    Sing of our dear Father's care.
    Did He not guide you to far away,
    Bringing you back with the flowers of May,
    Teach you the song that you sing today?
    Trusting our Father's care.
  • Verse 3
    Beautiful lilies in garments white,
    Meekly blooming, upward growing,
    God sent the rain and the sunbeams bright,
    Showing the dear Father's care.
    "Pray to your Father," my Savior said,
    He gives His children their daily bread,
    I shall be guided, and clothed, and fed,
    Trusting our Father's care.

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