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Visualized Song: He Loves Me Too

Visualized Song: He Loves Me Too

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  • Verse 1
    God sees the little sparrow fall,
    It meets His tender view;
    If God so loves the little bird,
    I know He loves me too.
  • Refrain
    He loves me too, He loves me too,
    I know He loves me too;
    Because He loves the little things,
    I know He loves me too.
  • Verse 2
    God paints the lily of the field,
    Perfumes each lily bell;
    If He so loves the little flowers,
    I know He loves me well.
  • Verse 3
    God helps the little spotted fawn
    To listen carefully;
    Since God protects the little fawn,
    I know He'll care for me.
  • Verse 4
    God made our playful puppy dogs,
    And playful kittens, too;
    And if He cares about our pets,
    I know He loves me, too.
  • Verse 5
    God made the creatures in the zoo,
    The large ones and the small;
    He made the people in our world,
    He loves them each and all.
  • Verse 6
    God made the little birds and flowers,
    And all things large and small;
    He'll not forget His little ones,
    I know He loves them all.

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